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What is Cairde na Gael ? In Irish, it’s pronounced (kar-djuh nuh gayl) and it means “Friends of the Gaelic (Irish/Scot)”. O’kie Irish Music is a little play on words describing our particular style of Irish music. Our music is based on the styles of great Irish bands such as The Dubliners, The Clancys, and The Wolftones. We just add a pinch of “Oklahoma” to get O’kie Irish Music.

The band grew from a weekly session band. In Ireland various musicians gather at the pubs and have open sessions or jam nights. Cairde na Gael began from just such a musician’s session, right in downtown Tulsa at Arnie’s Irish Bar. What began as an open session group became a band. Cairde na Gael can still be found playing our traditional dance tunes, pub songs, ballads, and sing-a-longs at Arnie’s Irish Bar.

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